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The High Street in Much Wenlock is a car storage area.

The Ivanhoe Line, which one day may reopen to passengers. Footbridge adjacent to Ratby Lane road bridge is visible in the distance. ... [more]

Advance warning that the crossing of the Ivanhoe Line in Leicester Forest East is not suitable for bikes.

Crossing of the Ivanhoe Line in Leicester Forest East - not suitable for bikes.

Crossing of the Ivanhoe Line in Leicester Forest East - not suitable for bikes.

[Image taken 4.12.23] Deangate, York. The posters have been relocated. Now people who want to read them will be in less danger from road users including large lorries delivering to/from the gate in the hoardings facing the camera and will c ... [more]

[Image taken 4.12.23] Burton Stone Lane, York. Explanation for the closures on Burton Stone Lane – see: #199226 - in the Winter 2023 issue of Grapevine (‘A local magazine for the parish of St Luke the Evangelist [ ... [more]

[Image taken 30.11.23] Pizza Time, Burton Stone Lane, junction with Garth Terrace, York. Detail of damage in: #199580. Other image today: #199579.

[Image taken 30.11.23] Pizza Time, Burton Stone Lane, junction with Garth Terrace, York. Damaged, uneven paving – closeup see: #199581. Pavement clutter. Other image today: #199579.

[Image taken 30.11.23] Pizza Time, Burton Stone Lane, York. On 29.11.23, I saw the deepest area of tarmac damage had been repaired. I don’t know who did it. I’ll email everyone I asked to get it mended, with this image and with thanks. ... [more]

[Image taken 29.11.23] Burton Stone Lane, looking into Grosvenor Road, York. Context: #199553.

Footways on both sides of Church Street shut at the same time with pedestrians told to divert via Torness Street (to the left) and Byres Road. Well reader, not all of them were doing as they were told!

A car parking space painted in the middle of the signal-controlled junction!

Lawrence Street junction with Byres Road.

I'm not convinced this is a correct use of Guidance Path tactile paving, with poles in the way.

Large signs to diagram 606 in Chancellor Street, where they should be to diagram 609.

Pavement parking in Dalcross Street, a Restricted Parking Zone where, as the sign says, drivers are to "park only in signed bays".

Motor vehicles parked on the unfinished cycleway, and double parking on the other side of the road.

A wheelie bin left in the unfinished cycleway in Byres Road, and some double parking.

Sign saying 'No Entry except cycles' for Church Street on Dumbarton Road, the lower part of which has since been covered up since there is no contraflow on Church Street at present.

[Image taken 28.11.23] New Walk looking north to the Blue Bridge, York. [NOTE: No street view at this exact location.] This section of the riverside NMU route has been cleaned after the most recent high water. Contrasting image (and links): ... [more]

[Image taken 28.11.23] New Walk looking south towards the Blue Bridge, York. Context and links: #199557.

[Image taken 28.11.23] New Walk, York. [NOTE: No street view at this exact location.] Climate resilience means safe and usable routes for non motorised users at all times. When the Ouse floods in York (many times a year) some or all of the ... [more]

[Image taken 28.11.23] St George’s Field car park, Castle Mills Bridge, York. A fallen Tier hire (e-)cycle blocks access to the toast rack-style cycle parking in the car park, near the river and next to the public toilets. My cycle was ne ... [more]

[Image taken 28.11.23] Tower Street, close to the entrance to/exit from St George’s Field car park, Castle Mills Bridge, York. New crossing – currently pedestrian only – over four lanes of very fast-moving traffic. Unbelievably there ... [more]

[Image taken 28.11.23] College Street junction with Deangate, York. Cycle parking here – on the edge of the pedestrian area (‘foot streets’) is good practice. The racks are well used – even at 09.30 on a cold weekday morning. One ha ... [more]

[Image taken 27.11.23] Burton Stone Lane, looking east into Shipton Street, York. Context: #199226 and #199021. It feels as if there is rat running. More people seem to be using the route alongside the rail line – and at speeds they may b ... [more]

[Image taken 25.11.23] The Stonebow, York. Other im[Image taken 25.11.23] The Stonebow junction with Dundas Street, York. Location and further overview of the damage to the tarmac at this junction. People on cycles turn right off The Stoneb ... [more]

[UPDATE CYC response 27.11.23 "The current status of your report is: closed. The problem has been inspected and no follow up work is required."] [Image taken 25.11.23] The Stonebow, York. Extensive tarmac damage. The fissures are directl ... [more]

[Image taken 25.11.23] The Stonebow, York. This is the location of the damage in: #199548.

[UPDATE CYC response 28.11.23 "The current status of your report is: closed. The problem has been inspected and no follow up work is required."] [Image taken 25.11.23] The Stonebow, York. Damaged tarmac that could catch and hold a cycle ... [more]

[MY EXPERIENCE: 29.11.23. Very difficult conditions for all public realm users heading south, as I was, due to the low bright sun. I was heading even more slowly than usual with one hand shielding my eyes towards the exit from the measures, ... [more]

[Image taken 25.11.23] Burton Stone Lane (looking south), York. Note the plastic item wedged behind the signpost. It’s been there since October 2023: #198240. It think it is debris from when a vehicle hit the splitter island. On 26.11.23 ... [more]

[Image taken 25.11.23] Burton Stone Lane (looking south), York. The structure on the splitter island has been replaced for the fourth or possibly fifth time with something chunkier. View of the splitter island in June 2023: #195235: Burton ... [more]

[Image taken 25.11.23] Burton Stone Lane looking into Lumley Road, York. Tiny green triangle, large tree. Other image here today and links: #199543.

[Image taken 25.11.23] Burton Stone Lane looking into Lumley Road, York. I think the sign has been bashed/turned. I will report it and see if it gets altered. Other image here today: #199544. Other image today and links: #199539.

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Wasn’t much rain yesterday, a runner and I awaiting at a slightly flooded Keyhole Bridge for passage into Poole Park. One of the DfT Active Travel priority experimental measures for ⁦@BCPCouncil⁩ area Janu ... [more]

Graffiti on the bridge surface reads: HANDS OFF MILL ROAD and there are 👋 symbols. Reaction to proposals to restrict traffic during the COVID-19 pandemic. ... [more]

[UPDATE 4.12.23: The information panels have been relocated: #199590.] [Image taken 19.9.23] Centre of Excellence for Heritage Craft Skills and Estate Management, Deangate, York. Hoardings have a massive impact on the public realm. This ... [more]

[Image taken 15.11.23] Lumley Road, junction with Burton Stone Lane (looking north-east), York. The churned up grass shows wheel tracks. Could a two-way cycle-mobility scooter lane have been kept open? With the eastern side pavement closed, ... [more]

[Image taken 10.11.23] Burton Stone Lane just south of the junction with Shipton Street, York. This road is closing again. The reasons include installing a speed table - see item in parish newsletter: #199582. The closure was also report ... [more]

[UPDATE Substantive repair 30.11.23: #199579.] [UPDATE Image from 21.11.23: #199367.] [Image from 27.9.23 with measurements: #197913.] [Image taken 7.8.23: #196508] [Image taken after rain 19.6.23: #195241] [UPDATE: #193871] [UPDATE: ... [more]

[Image taken 22.1.22] Grosvenor Terrace, York. I have long meant to do a count here. There are always more people on foot and cycles than in motor vehicles. Yet we all have to get out of their way... pedestrians ducking into gaps between pa ... [more]

[Image taken 15.11.23] Burton Stone Lane (looking south), York. Context: #199021. The dropped kerb/cross over is slippery with leaves and mud. In the evening a vehicle obstructs this pavement - the desire line. The car is too long to fit be ... [more]

UPDATES: In December 2022, as a pedestrian: the VAS continues to illuminate showing motorists are travelling faster than 20mph, plus twice I have seen drivers not give way despite the signs and the double lines when there was someone on a c ... [more]

[UPDATE: See #192696] [Image taken 23.3.23] Burton Stone Lane (Bootham/Clifton end), York. Earlier this week I saw the wand had presumably been hit by a motorist. It’s now on the pavement outlined red in my image. The original position ... [more]

[Update 31.12.22: The temporary measure - the cone - remains but has moved and is now 'cones': #188988.] [Additional observations by the local resident who did the count below: Time and date: 17.30pm on Tuesday 13 Dec 2022. "Three cyclists ... [more]

[UPDATE: 19.4.23 See: #193157] [UPDATE: On 18.4.23 The wand and the splitter island section had been removed. There were two cones on the island] [Image taken 15.4.23] Burton Stone Lane (looking south), York. Further damage to the splitt ... [more]

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  • Icon 199589 Crossing should be raised to ensure motor vehicles slow to allow residents to cross
  • Icon 199588 Motorists routinely use this private road for turning in the village. Narrow the road so that it's impossible to turn here
  • Icon 199587 This crossing should be raised to meet pavement hight in order to prioritise pedestrians and deter people using it to turn around
  • Icon 199586 Village used as rat run, should be one way coming up through the village
  • Icon 199585 No reason for cars to come through here other than rat running
  • Icon 199584 No cycling or walking infrastructure
  • Icon 199583 Insufficient pavement width and cars parking on pavement mean moving through the village often difficult
  • Icon 199578 Sign needed here to point to Gatwick Airport. The path to the west looks like the correct route, which it isn't.
  • Icon 199577 Junction needs a cycle route off the busy road eg left hand pocket with separate traffic light phase to reach Russells Crescent.
  • Icon 199576 Signs needed to make the entrance to the subway more obvous when travelling south along route 21
  • Icon 199575 Resign route 21 to use the new pavement cycle path.
  • Icon 199574 Ressign national route 21 to use the cycle path under the railway not the road.

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